Podcast Ep 5 – The Second Coming of Famous Jameis

We recorded this podcast on Wednesday, but the title segment (9min mark) was rendered somewhat moot this morning when Schefter reported that Taysom Hill is starting over Jameis. I still stand by everything I said and will patiently await the Second Coming of Famous Jameis.

Albert Breer reported this week that Taysom was always the #2 ahead of Jameis, but that Jameis would fill in for mid-game injuries because Taysom spent most of his weeks practicing other positions. He got a first round tender and a fairly fat contract this year so the Saints think highly of him, and the Saints are usually smart.

Also relevant is the fact that Winston is on a one year, $1M deal and New Orleans starts next season $94M over the cap. They’re invested in Taysom and they need to give their investments a chance to work out.

He’ll probably turn out a better version of Lamar Jackson. If not, then Jameis comes in and the Saints win the Super Bowl anyway.

So Who Dat. Geaux Saints. Fuck the Falcons.

We have a lot of other sick sports chatter on this show, so give it a shot! Still a work in progress, so we’re open to feedback etc

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