Saints Awaken a Sleeping Giant and Now America’s Team Is Headed Back to the Super Bowl

Jaylon Smith X

The Saints have a soft spot in my heart and I do feel a little bit bad for all my buddies in New Orleans who got their hopes up this year.  The Saints have had a good run but the clock struck Primetime on Thursday and the Cowboys graced the stage like a flagship franchise in a tone setting victory.  Saints fans should be very proud of this season and the MVP Brees will win, but anyone who saw what I saw on Thursday knows that hardware won’t be accompanied by Lombardi #2.

America’s Team hasn’t lived up to its moniker for awhile, but the foundation has always been there and the pieces are finally falling into place for us to be on track to the Super Bowl stage we belong on.  Our coach is still dog shit and there’s a chance he fucks up the Philly game on Sunday, but if we get through that then this train will be rolling too hard to stop.

The defense is turning into one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Byron Jones is basically impossible to complete a pass on and has reached young perennial all-pro status which is pretty sweet.  The pass rush is tops in the league.  When David Irving is playing it’s just flat out scary from all sides.  Fuck his girl.

The unit that makes me the hardest by far is the linebackers.  Leighton Vander Esch is basically a lock for the hall of fame now.  Aikman said so during the broadcast but I’m even more confident – he keeps playing like this and we’ll remember this beautiful mountain man as the best linebacker of all time.  Jaylon Smith plays right next to him and is also looking like a future hall of famer.  He was one of the best LB prospects of all time before the Rose Bowl injury, but he looks healthy and dominant now and it looks like we have one of the greatest draft coups in history on our hands.

It was Jaylon Smith who ran down Kamara on 3rd and goal to set up the crucial 4th down stoning that tilted the league’s balance of power our way.  Sean Payton had a chance to take three points and pull the game within one possession.  Who knows what the game would’ve been like if it was closer earlier on?  Fortunately, Payton made an arrogant call leading to a goal line stand that gave our team a confidence and swagger I haven’t seen since the 90s.  He’s made a legendary career out of those calls no doubt, but this one was a major backfire.  Maybe he won’t underestimate our defense in a playoff rematch, but by then it won’t matter.

The only thing and I mean only thing that worries me about this Super Bowl run is shady refs out in LA.  The PSLs and stadium sponsorship deals are big time money, but the Cowboys are big business for the league too.  I think we’ll get a fair game out there especially if it’s in the championship game and not LA’s first ever home playoff game, but this still remains my biggest worry.  Hopefully the bracket falls that way and then I’ll be pretty confident in booking west coast travel for the NFCCG and east coast for the Super Bowl and 2019 will be getting off to a hot start.  Gonna be dope

Saints Awaken a Sleeping Giant and Now America’s Team Is Headed Back to the Super Bowl