Kyle Hendricks is a Pussy



While I certainly can’t wait to revel in the “misery” of Cubs fans tonight, I’m also gonna thoroughly enjoy seeing baseball fans finally wake up to the fact that Kyle Hendricks is a fucking joke. Somehow, the same wimpy little shit that got lit up by the Mets last October is now being touted as the ‘true ace’ for the Cubs and a legit Cy Young candidate. Just a little ANALysis, however, makes you realize that’s all bullshit.

16-8 with a 2.13 ERA is eye popping, yes, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see a 3.70 SIERA that puts his ERA-SIERA split of -1.57 as the 14th lowest in all of MLB. For those of you who haven’t yet learned the language of baseball nerd, it means nobody has benefited from luck or the Cubs admittedly lights out defense more than he has. Some might say “he’s a ground ball pitcher it’s smart for him to let the defense do the work blah blah blah.” That is kind of true, but also shut the fuck up.

There have been a whopping 3.1 innings pitched in high leverage situations for Hendricks this year, probably due to the fact that he’s a #3 starter in a division full of garbage rotations. He’s always matched up against scrubs and gets gifted generous leads to hold. Perfect spot for the Cubs to hide their faux talent pussy.

Also, like a pussy, Hendricks is significantly worse on the road than he is at home….

Home: 3.01 xFIP, 86.2(!) LOB%

Road: 4.17 xFIP, 77.3 LOB%

Like his SIERA split, those are some of the higher discrepancies you’ll see in all of MLB. It’s as if everything around him needs to be absolutely perfect for him to truly be lights out, so it’s truly unfortunate for him that he starts game 7 at Cleveland against the Klubot. Oh yeah and he also has to pitch against DHs instead of pitchers, forgot to mention that. Fucken NL pussy.

Tribe +120 = hammer time 🔨💰🔨

Kyle Hendricks is a Pussy