Saints vs Brokovich in Labor Day Weekend Screw Jobs

Over Labor Day Weekend, the sports universe got a chuckle out of two of the most inexplicably hated institutions in sports – the New Orleans Saints and Novak Brokovich.

The Saints were on the verge of acquiring Jadeveon Clowney before getting railroaded by the NFL for the billionth time in the past decade…

Later, the NFL tried to smear the Saints in retaliation by pretending that they were getting duped by the Ravens and Jags. I don’t believe that for a second.

I get there are salary cap and league parity ramifications etc, but this was a clever idea that would’ve allowed for a more efficient market. The problem with the idea was that the Saints came up with it.

The league just has it out for New Orleans and I guess it will never end. Bountygate bullshit, tampering with championship games, calling offensive PI on everyone but Saints playoff opponents last year, and the list goes on…

There’s a couple reasons for this. (1) Gayle Benson conned her way into NFL ownership because she’s cool as shit, and NFL execs are intimidated by that. (2) Sean Payton became a Parcells guy after getting fired by the Giants and is therefore enemies of the Jets and Giants fans in the NFL front office.

It will all blow up in their faces soon enough. The NFL should’ve done more to protect Jameis from slander. Instead, their nemesis the Saints just lucked into landing a possible goat-in-training. (Currently fact checking the book, and it’s all checking out so far).


However, the bigger atrocity in my opinion is what happened to Novak Brokovich…

Are you serious with this petty bullshit in the US OPEN for chrissakes? Come ooonnnn…

Brokovich is a sad tale in sports because he clearly has a good heart and tries to say all the right things to be loved, but he will always be hated.

Right now, the reason d’jour for hating Brokovich is the tournament he held in the middle of quarantine. The New York Times has the full details; it’s hard to read it all and still think of him as a bad person.

He had some primitive ideas on vaccines and science, but that doesn’t make him alone in this world by any means. Also, the key word is ‘had’ as he clearly backtracked on his statements after learning more.

I’m not one to judge someone from a poor and war-torn country for not being educated. I’m definitely not going to judge someone’s well-intentioned philanthropic events in said poor and war-torn country.

It would be nice if other tennis fans said the same, but that would be harder than admitting the real reason he’ll never get a break – they’re just mad that a tall Serbian bro ended up being better than prissy little Swiss boy.

Saints vs Brokovich in Labor Day Weekend Screw Jobs