Today in John Elway Power Moves – Apparently the Broncos Tried to Trade Peyton Manning

John Elway

Rumor has it that John Elway is generally disliked by anyone who works with him, and that’s easy to believe.  He gave Baltimore the finger on his first day as an NFL player, made Dan Reeves a scapegoat for his own putrid Super Bowl performances, and even fired the entire coaching staff of his Arena League football team because of a poor record in their inaugural season.

However, love him or hate him, you’ve really got to respect the power moves he’s pulled in Denver’s front office.  Kicking Tebow to the curb was great.  Giving John Fox’s staff the same across-the-board axing treatment he mastered in the arena league was another nice touch and necessary move.  And apparently he completes the trifecta with news coming out yesterday that he shopped Peyton Manning to the Texans.

Both teams immediately denied the reports.  Of course.  But it’s probably true.  When Peyton Manning was forced to restructure his contract, he made the Broncos put in a no-trade clause.  It makes a lot of sense, too.  The Broncos are apparently high on Brock Osweiler, and the Texans are only held back from serious Super Bowl contention by mediocre quarterback play.

Amazing move by John Elway.  I can just imagine him telling Peyton, “Hey man, you think you’re a Golden God?  You think you’re invincible?  Well guess what bro…  You’re not.  You’re nothing compared to me.  I’m your boss.  I own this city (and it’s so much cooler than Indianapolis).  You wish you could go out on top like I did, but you keep choking away all your playoff games so you can’t.  Now take a pay cut or I’m shipping you off to Houston.”  Honestly who else in sports could get away with doing that right now?  Awesome.

By the way, if I were the Broncos, I’d make Peyton fake an injury for the first half of the season so he can be in good form for the playoffs for once.  He’s still a legend when he’s healthy, but it’s also clear he can’t make it through a full season anymore.  They need to pull a Roger Clemens on him.  Rest him in the fall with a fake injury, run him out starting the week of Thanksgiving, and cruise to a Super Bowl the same way they cruise to 6-1 starts every year.  That being said, if anyone has the balls and shrewdness to pull this off, it’s John Elway.  Watch out for some shady injury news in training camp this August…

Today in John Elway Power Moves – Apparently the Broncos Tried to Trade Peyton Manning