Titans Kick Ken Whisenhunt to the Curb After Everything He Did for Them

whiz and whitehurst

I for one am shocked, SHOCKED by the announcement that the Titans decided to can Ken Whisenhunt.

“The Whiz” may have had an atrocious record (3-20) with the Titans, but everyone pointing to that seems to be missing the big picture here.  He was clearly tanking last season, and it was brilliant.  Seriously, tell me that Charlie Whitehurst didn’t throw this pass so poorly on purpose, you can’t…

No, don’t actually score Delanie!  Don’t you want a quarterback next year??

Whisenhunt used to work for Bill Parcells for a year when he was with the Jets.  He learned there that the best rosters to take over are the ones you can build from scratch.  That’s why he turned down the Lions job in favor of Tennessee.  The Lions core was locked in and it was clear they had a ceiling no higher than the wild card round.  The Titans, like the Cardinals team that he coached before, had a clean slate that was perfect to build upon.

Where most coaches would try to prove that they could be winners and actually have their teams compete in meaningless games, Whisenhunt was wise enough to know how hopeless Jake Locker was and that Tennessee needed a top draft pick.

The result?  This future football GOD!

mariota hawaii

And now he’s getting kicked to the curb?  For real Tennessee?  I don’t get that.  It’s gonna be interesting to see how everything plays out from here…

P.S. – Matt Leinart, you’re elated about this move, huh?  Yeah, that’s probably how all Texas fans felt when you choked away the Rose Bowl, or how Paris Hilton felt when she thought she was banging a relevant pro athlete.

Titans Kick Ken Whisenhunt to the Curb After Everything He Did for Them