Aston Villa – The Lock of a LIFETIME

villa fans on pitch

I was thinking about nourishing my passion for daytime gambling today and noticed that Aston Villa is only -175 in the FA Cup.  Are you kidding me?  I did some more research, and I still can’t believe this line.  It is the lock of a LIFETIME!

They are playing at home against the almighty Wycombe Wanderers of Football League Two (the 4th division in England).  Aston Villa is last in the Premier League, but they should still clean up against some scrub ass mid table club of the 4th division.  Besides, Aston Villa hasn’t been that bad over the past two weeks – a draw against 2nd place Leicester and a win against West Brom.  Also, Aston Villa was garbage last year but still made it to the finals of the FA Cup.  They take this tournament seriously.

These teams tied 1-1 earlier this month, but that was at Wycombe and apparently the field was shit and had a huge effect on Villa’s abilities.  That is not a cause for concern; instead, it is a blessing that it causes bettors to be nervous enough to make this line so affordable.  Thank you gambling gods – for you are so kind!!


UPDATE: 2-0 Aston Villa, that was easy….  Not content to quit while I’m on fire, here are some Wednesday picks…

Tottenham PK (-122) at Leicester City

These teams have played twice in the past two weeks, with Tottenham getting a lucky draw in the first leg of their FA Cup round and Leicester getting an outright win their Premier league matchup.  However, in both games, Tottenham looked the way better team with twice the amount of time of possession.  They just didn’t have breaks go their way.

This is an important game as the bracket lays out a trail of cupcakes to the final for whoever wins this game.  However, the top priority for both teams is still getting into the Champions League with top 4 EPL finishes, so they’ll be sending out their B squads for this match.  Tottenham is a much deeper team than Leicester, especially with the dope Korean forward (Son Heung-min) they acquired from Germany this past August.

Liverpool -340 vs Exeter City

The exact same situation as Aston Villa, except Liverpool is way better than Aston Villa and Exeter City is much shittier than Wycombe.  Who cares what the price is.  It’s a 100% guaranteed lock.

Aston Villa – The Lock of a LIFETIME