Moussa Sissoko Back from Two Year Hiatus of World Domination

Tottenham continued it’s heroic climb out of the champion’s league grave today with a dope ass goal from Christian Erikson

Unbelievable tense game against an Inter squad that is lucky as shit to be ahead of us in the group standing.  After 80’ of domination and no goals it looked to be the same UCL story for the Spurs until this beautiful Danis mother fucken dawg nailed the back of the net.

The best part, tho, was that the goal was set up by a sick run from the sleeping superman himself Moussa Sissoko.  He hasn’t done shit for us in two years, but this clutch time run is all I need to see to know that his two year hiatus of world domination is over.  Watch out everybody else !

I speak for all relatively new Spurs fans (2014 ish) when I say we were rational to believe he was the best free agent signing ever after Euro 2016.  Look at this shit

He was amazing in that tournament.  All the speed we saw in Mbappe this summer we saw an equivalent skill of power in Euro 2016.  It was incredible to see.  So many strikes in the final spoiled by the greatest goalkeeping performance int he history of soccer (besides Howard), don’t @ me older soccer fans

Needless to say, for a team known mostly for frugality and not for big signings, it felt like we had cracked the code Pats style when we signed him from Newcastle after this tournament.  We saw these French people geek out over him while these British Newcastle bums bitch about his attitude.  Yeah right, attitude schmattitude I saw what I saw and that was a god who need to be unleashed in London.

Well, after a couple years and a big bag of nothing to the table, our reserve midfielder decided to have his awakening party today and get back to dominating the world.  Suck it everybody else for every other team.  Start bending the knee to Pochettino’s Army !

Moussa Sissoko Back from Two Year Hiatus of World Domination