Stars Extinguish the Flames

Last night’s game six vs Texans-Chiefs divisional round – which do you got for the best comeback blowout of 2020? I enjoyed both but last night was certainly more exciting for me.

Much like the series itself, the Stars were caught sleeping at the wheel early on. We barely made it past five minutes before it was 3-0 Flames. Luckily, Milan Lucic got arrogant and took a stupid penalty so Miro could activate his god mode.

Miro is so fucking awesome. People are sleeping on him because Luka has such a huge spotlight for Dallas already. The odds of one city having the best young player in both basketball and hockey at the same time are so slim, and everyone is in denial about the fact it is happening for Dallas.

Miro averaged a cool 2 points per game this series. He did that as a defenseman. It’s good for 2nd in the league this postseason and everyone else on the list plays forward. He is Zubov reincarnate, especially in the playoffs and that goes back to last year too.


From that goal on it was an onslaught. Seven straight scores. Denis Gurianov was ready to see round 2.

He ended up getting a fourth that made Matthew Tkachump very very sad. That’s right prick, next time hold on flopping until after the very first period of a series if you want to play more.


The Flames are fully extinguished. Finally. I prefer we did it in four or five games, but six was the maximum acceptable outcome and we achieved that. I’m satisfied.

We did a lot of things that good teams don’t do, like giving up a shorthanded goal and the opening goal almost every single game. But only good teams can pull off the comebacks we did and end a series like that in dominant fashion. The Cup lifting potential is definitely there.

Next up is a throwback series vs the Avs. Colorado is the best team in the league, but we can beat them because we swept them in all four games during regular season. Bring on the challenge. After all, can we really party like it’s 1999 without beating down the Avs first?