Game 2: Stars Murder the Avs Again

Another game, another domination by the Dallas Stars. Razor proclaimed this series to be over already and I have to agree. We absolutely own this team and are living rent free inside their heads.

Colorado did have a good start because their coach went nuclear to fire them up, and then we hurt ourselves with four early penalties. Avs scored twice but couldn’t bury us because Dobby is playing out of his mind. 19 saves off 20 shots in the first period alone.

Then came the 5v3s…

For us, it was two goals in 43 seconds. For them, it was tight stick gripping and choking. From that point on, it was a rout.

Four total goals in the second period and one more ten seconds into the 3rd. Final score of this beatdown: 5-2 Stars.

The Avalanche are just plain and simple not ready for high level playoff hockey. They remind me a lot of the Lightning of recent years. Great talent, especially at the top end, but severely lacking in the physicality and tenacity required to win hard playoff series.


One key stat that stands out is 3rd period high danger scoring chances. We’ve given up TWO total. One each in both games. We are killing them in closeout time.

There’s several possible reasons for this. We have that one year of Hitch hockey that might be finally reaping all the dividends now. We also have more depth and are beating them up all game to make them gassed by the end.

Then there’s the fact that the Avs are just arrogant. Razor brought this up yesterday morning and said they’ve been playing arrogantly just like they did against us in the glory days. They have all the talent for scoring but aren’t working to get better chances for that scoring.

High danger chances are essentially shots from right in front of the goal or close rebounds. The Avs love their sniping game and think they’re dangerous from anywhere past the blue line. That’s not gonna cut it against Dobby.


Speaking of Dobby, he was the obvious #1 hero of the night. 38 saves over 40 shots. Unreal.

His Russian buddy Radulov, who I had soured on until Tuesday night, had another goal and assist. That’s five total points over two games.

I fucking love Russians.


The series is 2-0 and the odds have now completely flipped from +240 Stars to +231 Avs. We have a chance to bury them tonight. At the very minimum, we win one of these next two and then go to a back-to-back for games 5/6 that Colorado is definitely not cut out for taking both of.

1999 vibes are getting stronger and stronger by the day.

Game 2: Stars Murder the Avs Again