This COVID Remake of a Famous WW2 Song Is So Sick

If you like sports, chances are you like history. Because history is war, and sports are simulated war.

That’s one of several reasons there’s a new song out that’s just really moving me man. This is some art…

It’s a covid remake of a famous WW2 song from the UK in 1939 about going away to war. The original singer, Vera Lynn, was known as the Forces’ Sweetheart and gave performances to citizens sheltering inside the London tubes during the Battle of Britain.

Here is the original…

Lynn passed away earlier this June at age 103. I don’t know if this song was in the works before that or if it was inspired by it. Either way, it’s a hell of a tribute.

Haven’t had a song hit me like this in ages, maybe ever. Thank you to LP Giobbi and the hot singer Little Boots.