Game 6: Well Uhh, Shit…

I’m at a loss of words. We are really on the verge of the worst Dallas sports meltdown since the Mavs 06 Finals. Easily one of the worst of all time.

That game 5 forfeit might just haunt us forever. Dear god am I worried.

A few notes of positivity since it’s not over yet…

1. Partying like it’s 1999 is not a complete experience without a game 7 beatdown over the Avs.

2. The Islanders and Knights both blew 3-1 leads too, so at least we’re not alone in this. If we do win today, game 1 for our conference finals opponent will likely be their third game in four days. Advantage us. (Or at a very minimum, we won’t be disadvantaged from fatigue)

3. The Avs got even more banged up. Their captain Gabe Landeskog is questionable today, as is defenseman Conor Timmins. This is on top of the Calvert, Johnson, Donskoi, Grubauer, and Francouz injuries.


So can we beat up a depleted team that’s likely starting the shitty old Leafs backup again? I certainly hope so. If not, no funeral

Please god make it something like this…