Tampa Bay Bucs – New Goat, Same Results

Tampa Bay replaced the goat-in-training with the goat-in-passing, and lo and behold the results didn’t change at all. Two picks by Brady, one went back for six, and now people finally want to talk about positions other than QB on the Bucs. Shocking.

Turns out it’s pretty difficult to carry a team with trash defense, trash o-line, trash running game, and a trash kicking game. The latter is especially funny to me, as I cannot count the number of times that horrid kicking cost Jameis Winston a win.

When Ryan Succop had a kick blocked in the 2nd quarter, FOX decided to show this graphic…

Ooohhhh now you wanna talk about it? Not when the Bucs spent a 2nd round pick on the worst kicker in NFL history? Not even the last time Brady played the Bucs himself, when this happened?

Hmm okay interesting.


I know that it’s a unique year and especially challenging for offenses with new coaches and QBs etc. We’re not gonna overreact to Week 1, but I don’t see things getting better for Brady in Tampa. The Bucs pass blocking was ranked 20th this week according to PFF, while the Pats were at 2nd. Those fall in line with recent season-long trends. Good luck to Brady the rest of the way.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think he’s good. He can still drop dimes…

But the Bucs have been proving for years that it takes more than a generational QB talent to right that ship.


He should’ve been less arrogant. He should’ve evaluated his options better, and should’ve realized that the MSM myth of the Bucs being talented was just driven by the anti-Jameis agenda.

He should’ve made San Fran happen, but he didn’t. Bill Belichick is now firmly in the drivers seat in the race for last laugh.


Here’s the picks, in case you wanted to see again…