Tulane and the U Can Carry Today’s College Slate Just Fine

Everyone is whining about the college football slate today, saying it’s boring and there’s only one ranked game etc. First of all, see above. Second of all, that ranked game involves The U. So as far as I’m concerned, today is going to be awesome.


Tulane -6.5 vs Navy

Two words – triple option. Navy’s got the classic scheme; Tulane’s got the spread. Old school vs new school in football tactics that you’ll never see in the NFL.

Tulane -6.5 is the obvious play here. We’re on the up-and-up and should be in semi contention for the AAC this year. The new QB is a redshirt senior transfer from Southern Miss, Keon Howard. He’s pretty sick.

They struggled for a bit last week at South Alabama, but were lights out the entire 4th quarter in a comeback. It was probably just a case of rust and covid-practice-anxiety, as South Alabama had already played their first game a week earlier.

Speaking of covid-practice-anxiety, Navy had the worst training camp in all of NCAA. They didn’t have any spring or summer workouts, and the practices they managed to have were entirely non-contact.

Last Monday on ESPN, they got murdered 55-3 by the Mormons at BYU. Oof. They’ll get better by end of season, but it’s gonna take some time.


#17 Miami +1.5 at #18 Louisville

This will be on during the Stanley Cup Finals so it will be intermission watch only for me, but I’m still pretty stoked. It is a quasi play-in game for the ACC championship vs Clemson.

The U has a stout defense as normal under Manny Diaz, but now they have themselves a King at QB. D’eriq King. I wrote about him last year when he was at Houston and saw his last game for the Cougars at Tulane. He’s fucking good.

One of the best Texas high school quarterbacks ever and has done nothing but make plays in the college ranks. Miami is the perfect home for him. For a good read on him, check out ESPN’s compelling feature from preseason.

All of his plays last week vs UAB are here. A little bit of jitters to work out, but very good overall.

Louisville on the other hand I don’t know much about. If they still had Bobby Petrino, I would be scared. But they don’t, so I’m not.


North Texas +14.5 vs SMU

I wrote about these two Dallas area teams in my week 1 betting picks. I was hyped for both of them going into the season, but SMU eking out a win vs Texas State was unimpressive to say the least. UNT looked good though. Take them with the two touchdowns in points at home.

Tulane and the U Can Carry Today’s College Slate Just Fine

College Football Is Moving to Spring. Time to Hammer the Canes

The Ivy League announced yesterday that fall sports were canceled, but they left open the possibility for a spring football season.  Judging by how prescient they were for the college basketball tourneys, this is likely a precursor of things to come for the rest of the NCAA (and high school).  Spring football is coming.

FBS conferences cannot afford to cancel the season, but it will also be impossible to contain covid on campuses.  College students fully complying with social distancing?  Fuhgettaboutit.  In fact, the PAC-12 has already confirmed they’ve started contingency plans for spring as well.

Spring football makes sense. Players at that age are already used to playing spring ball, just against their own teammates.  They are young enough to recover and reset for the following fall. We’d be able to have fans in stands, tailgates, and everything else that makes college football special. Spring also offers the blissful opportunity for nine straight months of football gambling, which will be awesome.

The gambling does not have to wait until spring because future markets are open right now and some of these lines will turn very juicy.  Longshots teams will get a boost from added variance and major roster disruptions for competitors.  The NFL says they won’t move the draft if college moved to spring, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference if they did – draft eligible players will sit out in droves regardless.  Anybody who would normally skip a bowl game (especially QBs and RBs) would skip the entire spring season.  After that, you can expect a lot of partial season absences for other players once their draft stocks solidify.

This why now is the time to pounce on The U at +9000.  The reasons are two-fold: (1) Trevor Lawrence is definitely not playing and (2) this kid becomes King of the ACC

Other Plays

-Michigan +4500 because Ohio State will have the same predicaments as Clemson

-Notre Dame +3000 because money matters in times like these

EDIT: hours after posting this, the Big 10 and Pac 12 announced they’ll be doing conference only fall schedules.  I don’t think that holds.  But if it does, that canceled Michigan/Notre Dame game would’ve helped a ton if you read my advice and gambled in time. You’re welcome

College Football Is Moving to Spring. Time to Hammer the Canes