Deadspin Hit an All-Time Low Yesterday

I don’t know how to handle Deadspin these days.  Over the past ten years, it has established itself as the best sports blog on the internet and become a breath of fresh air for thousands of sports fans who tired of the sensationalism and manufactured stories that ESPN has shoved down everyone’s throats.  In recent times, however, the quality of their content has been in a freefall.  When A.J. Daulerio was running the show, his writers were funny and entertaining.  Now, the writers are so full of snark and petulance that I find myself hate-reading half their stories.  They’ve fallen victim to themselves, and it’s becoming embarrassing to follow.

Yes, I still read it every day.  And yes, I still enjoy many of their stories, but not nearly as many as I used to.  Following that site now feels a lot like sticking around with a girlfriend you’re not really attracted to anymore.  You still tell her you love her and will try to have sex with her every night, but in reality you’re ready to bounce as soon as you know of a new and better broad that is available.

Just take a look at their homepage from this time 24 hours ago, a point the site hit an all-time low I never thought it could reach.  In order of posting time from earliest to latest, here are the stories they had…


Hey Deadspin – stop posting Jezebel links. Your followers are sports fans, not radical feminists. None of us want to read Jezebel. Also, don’t call our fathers pieces of shits on Father’s Day.


The only post of the day I have no complaints for. Solid highlight.


Holy shit. Nobody cares!!! Every single day this site is blasting us with multiple posts about the Women’s World Cup. Before the tournament started, they wrote previews about each individual team. They’re writing way more about this tournament than they did for the real World Cup last summer. These stories aren’t getting clicks (I asked about it in an email to them), and the readers are frustrated, yet they’re still shoving this content down our throats for what has now been three weeks. It’s the most embarrassing thing Deadspin has ever done.


Here, Greg Howard writes a snarky title about Bellator’s plans following the Slice-Shamrock fight, but he actually praises their ideas in his piece. Well, that’s confusing… I’m surprised they were covering this fight in the first place. 2008 is long past, so pretty much every sports fan has long since realized MMA is terrible to watch. Is MMA supposed to be more exciting when it’s between two men with a combined age of nearly 100? Doubtful.


Again. Nobody cares… What’s ironic is that their soccer writers have carried on an extreme anti-MLS agenda for years, yet they continue to hammer this tournament into our faces. They criticize the quality of play of a professional men’s league that includes some Euro transplants that are among the best soccer players ever to play (albeit past their primes but still), but they try their hardest to force us to watch this tournament consisting of slower, less agile, and weaker players. There’s also a confederation cup in South America going on that they are doing their best to ignore. Messi, Neymar, James Rodriguez. Ever heard of those dudes? Yeah, they’re way more entertaining to watch than these women, considering they’re the best players in the world and all…


A link to a 3,000 word essay that I have no idea is supposed to be about.


Are you kidding me? Gross!! Just what I want to see on Father’s Day – a paragraph about some father’s circumcision against a backdrop of someone cutting cucumber. What did they honestly think they were going to accomplish with this?

Fuck Deadspin.

Deadspin Hit an All-Time Low Yesterday