Ted Wells to Learn That You Should Never Bully a Bully

Free Richie

Ted Wells published the infamous Miami Dolphins bullying report last year, but he might soon learn a tough lesson on what happens when you try to bully back a real bully…

Richie Incognito started things off yesterday when he blasted the NFL’s investigation system, claiming that he was damaged by Ted Wells’s pursuit of a specific agenda and that Wells will only publish facts that support a predetermined argument for his report.

Ted Wells came in slanted against me and everything in his report was slanted against me. There were some things in there that would have helped my cause that were left out.

Most people tend to write off whatever Incognito says, saying that we should just “consider the source”.  However, his former line coach on the Dolphins, Jim Turner, joined the war today when he filed a defamation suit against Wells claiming that wrongful omissions in the report are preventing him from getting another job in the league.  Turner’s case probably centers around a pretty jarring story he told about Jonathan Martin on the radio last May.  Fast forward to the 6:20 mark…

We told Jon, ‘You’re going to be the starting left tackle. You’re going to be our starting left tackle in 2013. So he goes home and he doesn’t come back to work for 48 hours. He doesn’t show up to work. I have to send guys to his house to find out where he is…  I said, ‘Jon, where were you?’ And he gave me some BS answer. And I said, ‘No, you’re going to tell me where you were. He said, ‘I was sitting in my apartment on the 16th story looking out the window.’ I said, ‘What do you mean you were looking at the window, are you saying what I think you’re saying?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I was thinking about jumping…

He said, ‘Three months ago at my dad’s house in California and I was sitting on my dad’s couch. I said, ‘Does your dad have a gun, Jon?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Did you you have it in your hands?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Did you put it up to your head, Jon?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I told Wells all of this stuff…

They left that out of the report. I told the investigators the whole story, just like I’m telling you. It was just clear to me when I read the report how Richie Incognito was railroaded and then I got railroaded along with him…

It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out…  I’m no lawyer myself, but if I were the NFL, I would fire back saying Turner doesn’t have a job because his players couldn’t block for shit.

Ted Wells to Learn That You Should Never Bully a Bully

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