Want to Buy Super Bowl Tickets This Year? Here’s a Teaser to Pay for Them


So I don’t mean to brag.  Well, actually yes I do…  I have been crushing gambling picks for all of you throughout the summer, and we only picked up more steam with a flaming hot start to college football last week.  Call a homicide detective, because I have been flat out murdering!!

If you haven’t realized by now that you should be trusting your life savings with my picks, then you are not only stupid, but you’re probably a poor person and that really sucks for you.

Now for my loyal followers who want another double up on their bank account balances, follow me with this 3 team, 10 point teaser…

Patriots vs Steelers (+3)

Dolphins at Redskins (+6)

Vikings at 49ers (+7.5)

I love it.  We start tonight with the pissed off world champions getting a field goal at home.  The Pats have line issues, but the Steelers are without their best player in Bell, a very important receiver in Bryant, and have secondary concerns out the ass.  Then, we get Suh and the Dolphins defense traveling to Washington to stomp down on what might be the worst team in the league this year.  If they’re not the worst team, then San Francisco certainly is, and we’re getting a touchdown with one of the most underrated young teams in the league.

Book this shit right now and start laughing your way to the bank.