Just When You Thought Crybaby Drew Storen Couldn’t Suck More…


Remember back in the day when so many people thought Drew Storen was getting screwed over?  Remember when people were saying that Drew Storen had turned a corner and it was safe to ignore things as frightening as this?


I think we can finally put all that to rest now.

Believe it or not, with a four game deficit and their three top pitchers slated to start during this week’s homestand, the Nats had a legit shot at putting themselves right smack dab in the hunt for the NL East crown.  A sweep would pretty much put them in the drivers seat with the Mets facing a tough three game series against the Yankees and another three games against the Nats at Citi Field to close the season out.  Even two out of three would make the Nats the favorites in most people’s eyes.

After Scherzer shat the bed for Washington in the Monday opener, the Nats had a six run lead going into the 7th and finally starting looking like a playoff team.  That is, until our favorite whittle cwy-baby took the mound and did what he does best when pressure is on – fuck his team over…


With two outs, bases loaded, and a crucial four run lead, Storen gives up a double, three straight walks, and lets four runs go up on the board.  Just a horrible performance from somebody who bitched so much about getting his closer job supplanted by one of the most clutch relievers of all time.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, here’s what Storen did last night…

Wow.  This just never stops…  I’ve never seen an athlete, especially an athlete that is playing for a contract, let his play drop off so dramatically after throwing such a huge hissy fit.  Watching this trainwreck never gets too old.

Speaking of crybabies, get a load of this shit from Bryce Harper on Monday…


Are you kidding me?  Nats fans are shelling out for some of the most expensive tickets in baseball only to see their cocky ass team fall short of their Vegas win projections by double digits.  And then we see a player complaining about the fans?  Damn…

I’m not sure what is dumber…  Saying something like that about customers that are paying so generously for your mediocrity, or dumping a broad as hot as Nina Agdal only to see her rebound with Mike Trout…


By the way, now that the Nats officially suck, can we all agree that the whole chocolate syrup thing from last spring was the dumbest tradition of all time?


Just When You Thought Crybaby Drew Storen Couldn’t Suck More…

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