NFL Monday Night Money Makers – Week 1


If you followed my picks this week, well you are quite welcome!  We’re at 9-3 so far and will definitely be building on that tonight.  The US Open pick was quite lucrative as well.  And if you have action on the Thursday night tease we sent out, things are looking fantastic for you.

If you aren’t following me by now, I suggest you stop acting and hop on this money making wagon starting tonight.  Since it’s week 1, we get two games to win money off of.  Awesome!

Falcons +3.5 vs Eagles

The public is jumping all over the Eagles for tonight, moving this line all the way from 1 to 3.5.  They must be buying into all the hype surrounding Sam Bradford’s marvelous preseason.  What the public seems to forget is that Sam Bradford has had amazing preseasons since 2010.  Unfortunately for all these square bettors, tonight is actually a regular season game, which has not bade well for Bradford in the past.

The public also seems to love Chip Kelly, and I don’t understand that at all.  He has no meaningful accomplishments in the NFL, yet he somehow seems to get pass after pass because he talks about sports science and gives his players piss tests after every practice.  It makes no sense…  He barely won a horrendous NFC East two years ago after beating up on teams like Oakland in non-division games, and then shat the bed in outdoor rain against the Saints in the playoffs.  Then everybody raved about him last year because…  I actually have no clue why.  Maybe it was because he kept Mark Sanchez from butt fumbling again?

The Falcons definitely have question marks this year, but the Eagles do as well.  Stay with Vegas on this one and take the Falcons at home with a field goal to spare.

Vikings -2.5 at Niners

This line is unbelievable.  It started out as Niners -4 and has been bet all the way to Vikings -2.5.  Usually, that means there’s great value with San Francisco, but I think this was a legit mistake by Vegas.  Sharps do as well, as apparently they were the ones who have made this line move so much and are still in favor of Minnesota.  The only explanation I can think of is that the oddsmakers put way too much stock in quantitative analysis and formulas to bring up a line based on past results from both teams.  However, those formulas seem to be missing some key assumptions making up for the loss of every good coach and player from San Francisco over the past year.

The Vikings are also poised to break the fuck out this year.  In my opinion, they are the best coached team in the entire NFL outside of the Patriots.  Mike Zimmer has had a top 5 defense no matter where he’s been (Cowboys, Falcons, Bengals), and the Vikings defense started to become dominant last year.  In addition, Norv Turner might be the best offensive coordinator of all time, and he had Teddy Bridgewater rounding into fire form by the end of last year.  Oh, and there’s also some dude named Adrian Peterson coming back tonight.  He’s pretty good.

You’re getting this Vikings team against the dumpster fire Niners and you only have to lay half a point?  Bet the fucking farm.  MORTAL LOCK OF THE WEEK!!

NFL Monday Night Money Makers – Week 1