Crybaby Drew Storen Throws $500K Temper Tantrum


In a way, you can say things are looking up for Drew Storen.  Instead of bitching and moaning about getting demoted, now he’s throwing fits about his god awful play.  That is, he was throwing fits about his god awful play until he broke his thumb slamming a locker last Wednesday.

I have a feeling that crybaby Drew Storen’s goal of a lucrative arbitration hearing this winter just became a pipe dream…  Then again, its quite possible that crybaby Drew Storen just doesn’t give a shit about money at all.  It’s hard to believe at first, but then you take a look at his contract terms and realize that, standing at 58 appearances on the season, he was only two more relief outings away from a $500,000 bonus.  Damn.  Sucks to suck.