Thursday Night Gambling Locks 9.17


While primetime NFL games are usually pretty dope to gamble on and watch, it can get annoying to have to sit through commercial breaks with no RedZone to flip to.  Luckily for us tonight, we have an ACC showdown to keep our dopamine rush pulsing while Chiefs-Broncos are in downtime.  Also luckily for us tonight, this college game is easy as fuck to pick…

# 11 Clemson -5.5 at Louisville

Clemson comes into Louisville with start QB Deshaun Watson looking to make his first big statement as a Heisman contender.  In this game last year, he was injured early on in the game, but they still won 23-17.  Clemson is even better this year and are my pick to have the honor of being blown out by Georgia Tech in the ACC championship game.

Louisville started off the year with what everyone thinks was a close game 31-24 loss to Auburn (that we won off of).  All the people saying that however, clearly didn’t watch any of the game because Auburn was handling Louisville comfortably the whole time and it only ended in a one possession game because of a garbage time touchdown.

The next week, Auburn went on to squeak by a home victory against Jacksonville State, and Louisville lost at home to Houston.  I think it’s safe to say that Louisville fucking blows.  Bobby Petrino should probably start having affairs with assistants again because he seems to have absolutely lost it since that motorcycle crash.

Bet hard on Clemson and kick your feet up while you watch this blowout during the commercials of the NFL game.

Chiefs -3 vs Broncos

It may seem foolish to lay points against Wade Phillip’s ridiculous defense in Denver, but as I said last week, this Kansas City team is awesome.  Their defense will probably have the best pass rush in the league and now have an elite secondary shored up by the return of Eric Berry.  And now that Maclin and Kelce finally provide the passing weapons Andy Reid needs to run his offense, this team is primed to win the AFC West.

It’s also a night game at Arrowhead, which means that the vicious hits Justin Houston and Tamba Hali lay onto Peyton Manning are not only going to result in the old man’s head splitting from excruciating pain, but also from the deafening record setting decibel levels caused the loudest crowd in the league.

For both of these games, I suggest putting one unit each on the individual games as well as a unit on a 6 point teaser.

Thursday Night Gambling Locks 9.17