Texas Kicker Nick Rose Delivers His Greatest Trick Kick Yet


Sporting a frat shag that I would easily deem an A+, University of Texas placekicker Nick Rose has been going somewhat viral over the past year because of trick kicks he’s been posting on the internet.  For your pleasure, I present to you the top 3 Nick Rose trick kicks of all time with accompanying letter grades…

3. Backflip Extra Point

C-.  The flip is cool, but everything else about the video is subpar.  He barely gets the ball over the crossbar and its from no longer distance than an extra point.

2. 80 Yard Boom

A.  Excellent showcase of extraordinary leg strength.  That’s the type of power that gets you a full ride to a college powerhouse program in a city with arguably the hottest women in the US.  The only thing needed to make this an A+ is using a human holder and kicking right after the ball had been snapped.

1. Extra Point vs Cal

A++!!!  Holy shit what an incredible trick!  The entire crowd was so stoked about going to overtime after an electrifying 21 point 2nd half comeback.  And then, SIKE!  Hahaha, we’re actually gonna lose…  I tricked yooouuuu!

P.S. – This run at the end of the game to set up the game tying extra point miss was unreal…

That is new starting QB Jerrod ‘Juice’ Heard.  Only a redshirt freshman.  Willie Beamen 2.0  I think its safe to say that Texas is going to stop sucking pretty soon…

P.P.S – Cal QB Jared Goff is exactly like Aaron Rodgers in everything from ability, playing style, and mannerisms.  He could very well be the top pick in the draft next year and he is 100% going to be insufferable to watch.

Texas Kicker Nick Rose Delivers His Greatest Trick Kick Yet