Thursday/Friday Football Gambling Locks 10.1


Apologies for the hiatus.  I was out at a festival replenishing my seratonin levels in order to keep giving you fellow degens some football locks with the utmost confidence 🙂

Steelers +3 vs Ravens

Last week, this line was posted as Steelers -3, and while the Roethlisberger injury is going to really fuck Pittsburgh’s chances for the division title, it should definitely not be a six point swing at home against an 0-3 Ravens team that should be inspiring zero confidence amongst gamblers right now.  Vick is a shell of his former self, but he still has the ability to be an adequate quarterback in the short term, and that should be enough for an offense with the best receiver and running back in the game.

Also, as I alluded to before, this looks to be a big down year for the Ravens.  They will eventually be back because they have elite coaching and competent quarterback play, but they are not good this year.  Their receiving corps is shit after the loss of Torrey Smith and Breshad Perriman turning into a horrid bust.  Their line isn’t blocking well so their running game is mediocre.  And their defense is the most underwhelming I’ve seen out of Baltimore in years.  The loss of McPhee, Suggs, and the PED version of Ngata is taking its toll and all their random 6th round draft picks aren’t panning out for once.  No way this team should be laying points on the road.

College picks…

I don’t think the early college games this week are worth gambling on, but if you really want action, you’ll definitely make money if you tease the Steelers (+13), the U (+3), and Memphis (+1).  

Thursday/Friday Football Gambling Locks 10.1