CC Sabathia Abandons His Team and The Boss Is Definitely Rolling in His Grave


So news is out now that CC Sabathia is checking into alcohol rehab at the worst possible time for the Yankees, and somehow he is getting praise all over the internet for abandoning his team. These simpletons are dumb for two reasons…

(1) Everybody in the majors is an alcoholic.  Okay, maybe just every American in the majors is an alcoholic.  Running away to a rehab facility to cure some ‘disease’ the day before the postseason starts is unacceptable.

(2) Partially related to #1, there is definitely a bigger story going on here.  Sabathia has been one of the biggest competitors in the game ever since he carried the Brewers to the playoffs by pitching all of his games on three days rest in a contract year.  No way he can’t hold off treatment for his ‘disease’ for one more month.  He definitely got into a drunk driving or domestic violence incident involving manslaughter or some other fucked up injuries to another person.

I can’t imagine how violently George Steinbrenner is rolling in his grave right now.  If The Boss was still alive, he would 100% have buried and silenced whatever victims of CC are out there without any loss in playing time involved.  His kids, however, are clearly failing the family name.  Instead of getting this story buried deep enough to have a lefty staple in their playoff rotation, they’re stuck paying $182 million for a pitcher to get ‘alcoholism treatment’ tonight.  All of that on top of the $153 million utility outfielder on their payroll…  What a wonderful legacy.


As for the game tonight, I still love the Yankees at even money.  No way are the Astros going to walk into Yankee Stadium and not choke this game away the same way they choked away their enormous division lead over the past two months.

Tanaka has had an up-and-down year, but this is the exact moment that you sign big name Japanese aces for.  He’ll muster up enough zen power to keep his team in the game long enough to get to the best shutdown bullpen in the majors.  Dallas Keuchel has been great at home this year, but pretty average on the road.  It’s also a cold night, which does not bode well for a Houston offense that depends on home runs.

This is easy money worthy of doubling your paycheck on.

CC Sabathia Abandons His Team and The Boss Is Definitely Rolling in His Grave