Is David Price the Biggest Fraud in Baseball?

david price

While pretend baseball experts keep going on and on about things we already know about (did you know the Cubs hit a lot of home runs?), for some reason nobody is touching on what should be a mega controversy right now…  John Gibbons just straight up BENCHED his Cy Young ‘ace’ pitcher.  What the fuck?

Toronto was up 7-1 in the 5th on Monday, 2 outs and only a runner on first.  R.A. Dickey was having a stellar game, but Gibbons brought in Price to relieve him.  Gibbons says that he was ‘terrified of Choo’, who was due up, and wanted to stifle the Rangers before they had a chance to get back into the game.  But let’s call this like it really is… a straight up benching.

Price has been a bonified ace for years, and his 2015 campaign with the Blue Jays should warrant a Cy Young, but he’s been dog shit in the playoffs.  After underwhelming fans with mediocrity in his game 1 outing, Price’s playoff record fell to an atrocious 0-6 with a 5.23 ERA.  Does that sound like a starter you want to trot out there in a do or die game 5 for your franchise?  Fuck no…

Gibbons already knew that Stroman was going to be the Game 5 starter.  He just put Price out there in a low leverage situation to try and get him some playoff confidence before reclaiming his #1 role in the ALCS.  It also could have been a test run to see how he fares as a much needed lefty relief man for the Jays.  After all, he originally rose to fame with a stellar playoff performance as a closer for the Rays in 2008.  However, 50 pitches, six hits, and three runs later, its unknown what role, if any, Price can be dependable for.

I say he gets his head out of his ass and bounces back either in the ALCS this year or for the Cubs next year.

Is David Price the Biggest Fraud in Baseball?