Next up for the Rangers – Dynasty


Any Rangers fan with their heads down needs to check out this excerpt from Boys Will Be Boys

After the loss, Johnson gave what many consider to be the best post-game speech of his career. Before a downtrodden group of players and coaches, Johnson insisted there should be nothing but pride.

“We have built the foundation of something that cannot be stopped,” he said. “And will not be stopped. We went into Soldier Field and beat the Bears. This is only the beginning. This moment—remember it. It is not an ending. It is not a defeat. It is another step on the road that leads inexorably to the Super Bowl and greatness as a football team. You are on that road.”

Then, moments later, he met with his coaches. “Next year,” Johnson said, “this shit doesn’t happen. Next year—Super Bowl.”

That all happened after a 1992 playoff loss in the divisional round.  Do you know what the Cowboys did after that?  Won three Super Bowls.  Do you know what the Rangers are gonna do after this?  Win a fuck ton of World Series.

Four errors in the 7th was brutal, yes…  But it wasn’t a choke job by a veteran team.  It was a young team new to the stage playing with house money.  A dope game like that was 1000 times better than expectations three months ago.  And we got this far without our ace.  Hamels was a fucking hero today, but he’s ace #1b when Yu gets back.  We’ll be fucking fine.


As for the Toronto fans… I know a lot of people will give them shit for everything they did today. But I have to admit I respected them.  When I saw their near riot unfold, I felt like they filled a void in my sports heart that Eagles fans left when they started to go soft during the Chip Kelly era.

Next up for the Rangers – Dynasty