TCU-Baylor Was a Great LSD Substitute

If you really wanted to trip last night but couldn’t find any LSD, TCU-Baylor would have been quite an adequate substitute.  I watched the game, and it put me into an absolute trance…  It was a Fort Worth thunderstorm like you hear about in a country song and it and totally turned both game plans upside down.

Look at all these fucking drops…

It was ridiculous.  Unfortunately for the Big 12, it was also not a good look for the conference.  Before the season, most experts predicted this to be a thrilling de facto championship game.  Instead, it was a low scoring struggle between two disappointing teams.

I understand that extreme weather can fuck up your game plan, but there is still no excuse for this poor of a game.  Both teams had the option to get balls swapped out for dry replacements every play, and both opted out of it in order to maintain a lightning fast tempo of repeatedly stalling for 3 and outs.  They also both called pass plays so many times despite a fucking downpour that made it way too difficult to throw and catch downfield.

It’s one thing to blame the downpour for dropped passes, but all of the fumbles we saw were ridiculous.  There were seven combined turnovers as a result of both teams’ fundamentals going completely out the window.  Things as simple as QB-RB handoffs became daunting tasks.  If the Big 12 is supposed to be a playoff conference, their teams need to handle the adversity of weather way better than this.

Still a fun game, though.  And I’m glad TCU won, because fuck Baylor.

Also, TCU cheerleaders win the award for best in the nation by powering through the storm and wearing short shorts while they did it…

TCU-Baylor Was a Great LSD Substitute