Packers Fans Think Brett Favre Cares About Them Because They Are Stupid

When the NFL first instituted the night game into their Thanksgiving slate, I thought it was a load of shit.  America had a routine, and it was perfect.  Feast during the Lions game and then gather around the TV for a prime time showcase of the Dallas Cowboys.  Even when Dallas would be having a bad season, it was a great way to let the country check in on the league’s flagship franchise and promulgate our status as America’s Team.

Unfortunately, the night game diminished a lot of the showcase effect of our matchup.  Some people even have their dinners during the Dallas game now, which is just a giant slap in the face of American tradition and seems flat out treasonous if you ask me.  In addition, the night games themselves been horrendous.  Until this year, the only entertainment we’ve gotten was being able to laugh hysterically at the butt fumble, and that was still a dumb blowout game.

Thursday’s game, however, was amazing.  Obviously, watching Cutty and my Tulane homeboy Matt Forte shred through the Packers D for a victory was pretty sick.  However, the best part of the night was the epic troll job Brett Favre pulled off at halftime…

Everybody and their mother was sitting in Lambeau trying not to explode inside their pants at the sight of Brett Favre.  I don’t get it.  They acted like he could actually give two fucks about any of them.  But he doesn’t.  He doesn’t give a shit about any of the Packers fans and for some reason they’re all oblivious to it.

For years after leaving Green Bay, Brett Favre never returned and never really cared to try and make it happen.  After his final retirement, a long standoff ensued where it seemed he was trying everything in his power to keep his distance from Wisconsin.  His final ultimatum was his refusal to attend a number retirement ceremony unless Bart Starr was also able to show up, and a lot of people believe he made that demand hoping Starr’s terminal illness would make the ceremony impossible.

Last summer, he finally returned to Green Bay to get inducted into the Packers hall of fame.  There were 67,000 fans in the crowd for an event that sold out in less than an hour.  All to honor a quarterback that was last seen in Green Bay playing for a division rival.  Kind of hard to respect fans that go from booing you louder than you’ve ever heard before to selling out a stadium in your honor despite showing zero contrition for abandoning them…

For the number retirement, Brett Favre showed up dressed to impress…

favre sweats.png

The number of times I saw him smile at any fans was exactly zero.  He had a look on his face like he clearly did not want to be there.  My favorite part of his speech was when he said this…

Hahahah.  That’s a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever heard one.  “My family here from the South is used to great weather, but I told them they would have sooooo much fun in the freezing rain up in Wisconsin!”

Why so many Packers fan continue to ride his knob, I have no idea.  I will admit, I’ve met a lot of chill, intelligent Packers fans that are good to have sports conversations with.  Unfortunately for the reputation of Packer nation, just about every single one of those fans reside outside of Wisconsin…

I used to live in Wisconsin for about three years.  Almost every Packer fan I met there thinks Mike McCarthy is great coach, Ted Thompson is a bad GM, and Aaron Rodgers is heterosexual.  Going to Lambeau is a creepy experience.  The crowd cheers like it’s some enormous pee wee football game.  They have bench seats, which is awful because a ton of the fans are morbidly obese.  It’s also cold and miserable.  You also see people like this…


Good god.

I guess the point of this post is… Fuck the Packers

Packers Fans Think Brett Favre Cares About Them Because They Are Stupid

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