Dusty Baker’s “Racist” Comments a Great Reminder of Why Cooperstown Still Needs an Asterisk Era

Dusty Baker found himself caught up in a little shit storm at the winter meetings last week when he was bemoaning the whiteness lack of athleticism on his roster…

“The No. 1 thing that’s missing … is speed. You know, with the need for minorities, you can help yourself. You’ve got a better chance of getting some speed with Latin and African-Americans.  I’m not being racist.  That’s just how it is.”

The PC Police is all up in arms, but I don’t see the issue here…  Everybody who’s played sports before knows this as a fact.  Dusty Baker really isn’t being racist, he’s actually telling it how it is.  Everybody who has black friends is comfortable accepting this fact and voicing it aloud.  If sheltered white writers and internet commenters are still learning the basics of how genetics work, tough shit for them.

Anyway, this little brouhaha reminded me of something I’ve been a casual proponent of for awhile now. A lot of people say that PED abusers from the 90s and early aughts should have asterisks next to their names if they make it to the Hall of Fame…

Yeah, baseball stats are pretty fucked now.  I get that.  Whatever.  I do agree that an asterisk era in Cooperstown is appropriate, but I couldn’t care less about PEDs.  Instead, there should be an asterisk next to anybody who played in the majors before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier…

Seriously, whose stats have been skewed more?  The juiced up hitters like Mark McGwire, or people like Christy Mathewson who tore it up back in the day while pitching to a grand total of ZERO BLACK PLAYERS??

Sports are way too easy when you’re excluding the most athletic subset of the human species!  That’s why lacrosse is so popular amongst white people.  It’s not so hard anymore when you’re just as fast and quick as the rest of competition for once…

Even though they’re all dead now and it doesn’t really matter in terms of correcting the past, it’s still important that we recognize how all those farm boys from the early days were going up against some fucking stupid competition before anybody even starts a PED/Cooperstown debate.


PS – For the record, Dusty Baker was still an absolutely horrendous hire by Washington.  They all but guaranteed themselves that Strasburg’s arm is gonna blow out for good soon and Scherzer will be a colossal $30M/year deadweight throughout the latter half of his deal.  Harper is bolting as soon as he can and before we know it, the Nats will resemble their predecessors from Montreal.  Couldn’t happen to a better sports market.  LOL @ DC!

Dusty Baker’s “Racist” Comments a Great Reminder of Why Cooperstown Still Needs an Asterisk Era

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