Bengals Get Bitch Slapped by Steelers, but Playoff Hopes Skyrocket

I can’t decide what is funnier about the situation in Cincinnati right now.  The god awful throw that preceded Dalton’s injury…

Or the fact that Bengals fans had legit hope in him to begin with…

Am I missing something here?  The way the sky seems to be falling up in Cincy, you’d think that Andy Dalton was actually a good quarterback.  But, he’s not.  ESPECIALLY in the playoffs…

dalton playoffs

That is absolutely horrendous.  One touchdown in four games.  ONE TOUCHDOWN!!  And six picks.

It’s not like he’s been shitting the bed against good teams either.  All four of those opponents ended up getting their asses handed to them later on.  One of them was against TJ Yates for christ’s sake!

These games aren’t even close.  They’ve all been blowouts except for 2012, when Matt Schaub(!) managed to fuck up slightly less times than Dalton and the Texans laughed their way to the divisional round after this epic fuck up…

Listen, I’m a TCU fan.  I like the guy.  But the case on him is pretty damn well closed now…  He’s not just bad in playoff games, he’s bad in all night games.  He’s bad any time he’s under duress.  He’s bad whenever he plays good teams (see tweet above).  He can consistently lead a team to the playoffs if he has a great roster around him, but he’s just not cut out for the big stage.

This is why I don’t understand all the grief in Cincy…  They’re acting as dumb as their state brethren up north.  Instead of having to watch the biggest fraud in the NFL inevitably run their playoff drought to the 25 year mark, Cincinnati gets a shining fucking bright beacon of hope.  An ice cold bro who lives for the big moments and has a laundry list of mega clutch throws.  One of the most storied (two time) champions in sports history…

AJ_McCarron championship

That’s right.  AJ fucking McCarron!

I know his physical tools aren’t necessarily what you hope for in a full time starter, but he doesn’t need to be good.  The Bengals have a stacked roster, especially on offense.  He just needs to suck a lot less than Dalton, and I can’t think of a better young backup QB for this situation.

You think AJ McCarron’s gonna shell up under the spotlight?  Is his confidence ever gonna wilt when the pressure gets too high?  Fuck no.  If anything, this is a step down from the scrutiny he faced as he lead Nick Saban’s powerhouse to immortality (while injured, btw).  Some people say he’s too confident

“You’ve got to love pressured moments…  That’s when the great ones really shine. I guess Tom Brady was in this same situation when he had the opportunity, so I’ve got to make the most of it”

Personally, I think comparing his situation to Tom Brady’s is bullshit because it’s a huge insult to Drew Bledsoe.  Bledsoe was a fucking legend that brought a whole franchise up from the ashes.  Dalton is trash.

Cincinnati fans – turn those frowns upside down!  Your chances at a playoff win just went from 0% to something like, ohh maybe 15% or so…  That’s not bad!

Still feeling down?  Then you must be a gay, cuz with McCarron we get to see more of this fine piece of Alabama ass on TV…

Bengals Get Bitch Slapped by Steelers, but Playoff Hopes Skyrocket

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