Dumb Bitch Who Won $100K on a 15 Leg Parlay Can Go Straight to Hell

They say that resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die…  I know how stupid it seems to harbor so much anger over someone that in no way negatively impacts your life, but I can’t help but feel my blood boil when I think of this broad who won $100K on her second ever sports bet.

15 parlay

Are you fucking kidding me?  It’s gonna take me years to match the gambling winnings of this dumb bitch and she doesn’t even know how a point spread works…  Fuck this god damned cunt!

The worst part of this story might be that she is from Boston and has a Celtics tattoo.  Disgusting.  I hope she gets addicted to gambling now and blows all her winnings and then some.  Somebody take this stupid whore to the casino and get her on the high limit slots ASAP.

She can go straight to fucking hell.