The Chiefs Are in the Playoffs Are You Kidding Me???

andy reid scary

I know I should be happy after winning a fuck ton of money but what the fuck it is impossible to not be infuriated at the fact that the Chiefs are already in the playoffs.  This has to be a joke.  They fucking suck!

They played good teams at the beginning of the year when they had Jamaal Charles and they shat the bed every week.  Now they’re playing all the shitty teams on their worst weeks and they get to clinch before a team that’s had to battle all year like the Steelers?  Fuck that.

I remember back when it was cool to talk shit about Andy Reid and argue that he was an overrated coach that always fucked up in the playoffs.  That was back when I was about 13…  For some reason it’s still a thing to this day and man i dunno whether to be ashamed or impressed