12.28-29 Gambling Locks – Ride My 9-0 Hot Streak or Stay Poor

A quick recap of the past week…

Motivation: catching up to the winnings of this cunt.

Christmas Eve locks: 3-0, +3 units

Boxing Day locks: 6-0, +5.6 units

That puts me at 9-0 and up $86k in just three days.  Well fuck yeah…  What a magical holiday season for Wilbanks (and anybody following me)!

making it rain

I doubt I go undefeated again today because I have a higher quantity of picks, but there is no doubt in my mind I’ll be in there green on the day and will probably have matched the $100k of that dumb bitch in Vegas by the end of the day.

Browns +12.5 at Chiefs

The Chiefs will probably win, but they’re not good enough to be laying this many points.  I’ll take my boy Johnny Football getting spotted multiple scores.

Colts (+120 moneyline) at Dolphins

The line is 2.5, but I don’t see how the Colts lose this game.  Matt Hasselbeck is starting and the Dolphins fucking blow.

Jets +3 vs Pats

These games are really competitive even when the Jets suck, and now the Jets are decent.  The Pats are sorting through injury issues and don’t need this win as badly as the Jets.  I’ll definitely take the home team spotted a field goal.

Falcons +7.5 vs Panthers

I know the Panthers are awesome and the Falcons suck, but it’s really hard to lay a ton of points like this on the road against a division rival, especially in the second matchup of the season.  These teams play each other too much and are too familiar with each other for blowouts to be commonplace.  If the Saints can cover this spread, the Falcons can.

Ravens +10 vs Steelers

Same logic as the Falcons/Panthers game, except now we’re getting even more points with the home team.  And we get John Harbaugh game planning for us instead of Dan Quinn?  Yes please!

Titans +4 (-120) vs Texans

I really wish my boy Mariota was playing, but I’m still comfortable getting 4 points at home against a dog shit Texans team starting Brandon Weeden.  The line is 3.5, but the price for buying up to 4 was cheap so might as well take a little insurance.

Cowboys +6.5 at Bills

The Cowboys suck, but the Bills also suck and should not be laying 6.5 points.  Cowboys players (like their starting QB Kellen Moore) are playing for their jobs next year while rumor has it the Bills are rolling their eyes at Rex Ryan these day.

Cardinals -207 moneyline vs Packers

Carson Palmer at home against a suspect pass D?  They definitely gonna win.

Rams +14 (-140) at Seahawks

The Rams have QB issues, but they’ve always had QB issues and are still always competitive against the Seahawks.  I think their defense gets enough done to keep this within two scores.  The line is 13.5 but I bought a half point.

Giants +7 at Vikings

If the Packers lose today, the Vikings could very well be resting players and hiding their best plays for the NFC North championship game next week.  Even without Beckham, 7 points is way too much to lay against Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin.

Navy -3 vs Pitt

Navy is awesome and Pitt sucks.  Do you think Keenan Reynolds is gonna let a loss happen in the Military Bowl???  Fuck no.

Bengals +3.5 at Broncos

Getting a field goal and the hook with my boy AJ McCarron and the stacked Bengals roster?  Yeah I’ll take that.

12.28-29 Gambling Locks – Ride My 9-0 Hot Streak or Stay Poor