It Doesn’t Get More Baylor than This RG3 Locker Note

As RG3 left the Redskins locker room for the final time of his career yesterday, he claimed that he had nothing to tell reporters.  However, the media found that to be a lie when they went to his locker and found a passive aggressive message in the form of a bible verse and a Mother Teresa poem…

This.  This encapsulates so much of what people hate about Baylor.  It’s not how obnoxiously they bitch and moan about the ‘lack of respect’ for their cartoon football team as they blow out cupcake squads every September and October.  It’s not the fact that they always clamor to be labeled as elite despite the fact that they’ve never won a top tier bowl game and are less than five years removed from their first ever winning season in the Big 12.  It’s the insufferable culture amongst students and alums embodied by this stupid note…

These squares are the celibate, bible-thumping, ‘sober annoying’ people that just don’t have a grip on modern society.  You see, despite the mediocre education and shitty campus life in Waco, Baylor students take pride in shelling out $50k/year to be at a place that is ‘unambiguously Christian’.  They claim to be one of the last institutions left to be “founded on Christian principles (and not begin) a relentless retreat from their spiritual heritage.”

I’m obviously as annoyed as anybody else by these crazies who throw their values in your face whenever they get a chance.  However, my vexation peaks whenever I come across these zealots and their real life actions and habits reflect anything but their religious ideals.  And when it comes to Baylor athletics, you’ll find yourself quite the paradigm of that hypocrisy…

Take, for example, the 2003 murder scandal on their basketball team, which is second only to Sandusky as the most horrific athletic scandal in the history of the NCAA.  In short, one of their players murdered a fellow teammate.  Their scumbag coach was worried about much of his blatant cheating and lack of institutional control being uncovered, so he trained his players to fabricate a story on how the victim was paying for school through drug dealing.  It was not a good look.

They eventually recovered from that scandal thanks to star players like LaceDarius Dunn, who beat the shit out of his girlfriend and broke her jaw.

Most recently, we learned about Sam Ukwuachu, the backup defensive end that Baylor sheltered and gave an education to despite the fact that he raped another student.  It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill college rape accusation, either.  He was tried and convicted, and Texas Monthly provided the disturbing details of how he violently took the victim’s virginity against her will.  Baylor also oversaw these criminal actions and gave Ukwuachu help brushing it under the rug despite earlier warnings about his nut job tendencies from his previous coaches at Boise State.  Even by my typically mild standards for athletic programs and player behavior, that is really fucked up.


Needless to say, despite reminding the media how Christian he is, I don’t foresee RG3 taking the time to go back and reread his lord’s teachings on humility.  Have fun in Houston homie!

It Doesn’t Get More Baylor than This RG3 Locker Note