Champions League Is Back – Time to Pile up Money for the Summer


As some of y’all may know, I’m a fucken savant when it comes to betting on soccer tournaments.  Having a job again has made me less tapped in to soccer, but I’m still confident I’m gonna make some extra stacks this spring and you can too if you follow my pick.

Underdogs never win in this tournament, so lets take a look at the top seven favorites…

Barcelona +300 – They still have the MSN offense and I wouldn’t blame anybody snapping up this line, but I’m shying away.  Messi’s been in a funk (relative to his standards) since choking away the Copa America, their midfield is getting too old, and their defense leaves a lot to be desired.  The Vidal injury is a final deal breaker for me as well.

Bayern Munich +400 – The team is loaded as always, but they’re getting way too old for me to trust.  They were lucky as fuck to beat Juventus in the first round last year (more on this later), and now for the first time in years they have competition in the Bundesliga keeping them busy.

Real Madrid +450 – I said last year that Madrid was the Cavs and what Madrid had in Zidane was what the Cavs were pretending to have in Tyronn Lue.  I still stand by that – the Cavs got lucky while Madrid actually got their shit together.  Madrid is even better now and I think this is a great bet.

Atletico Madrid +800 – Nice juicy odds on Atletico if you feel like getting your heart ripped out from you in a few months.

Manchester Shitty +1000 – I don’t think this team sucks as much as everyone else thinks, but there’s no way they win.  Swiss cheese defense and intense domestic competition will due them in.

Borussia Dortmund +1200 – Not in the same league as these other teams.  I’m only listing them to get to the next.

Juventus +1200 – I’m shocked by these odds.  Two years ago they were in the final.  Last year, they were up 2 at Bayern with 10 minutes to go.  They had major injuries, a bullshit offsides call, and several other near misses to allow Bayern even a chance at a miracle comeback.  Juventus has always had a great defense, and now they all of a sudden have a dope offense with Allegri’s new tactics and Higuain at striker.  They’re also the only team with their domestic league locked up and able to fully focus on UCL.  I don’t think they’re better than Madrid, but they’re pretty damn close and at three times the odds you can’t pass this shit up.

Champions League Is Back – Time to Pile up Money for the Summer