FC Dallas to Defend American Pride Against Some Mexicans in the Champions League

I have to admit I pretty much never watch FC Dallas.  The MLS puts their playoff games in the middle of NFL Sundays for some reason, so I’ve never had a choice but to not give a shit about them.  That’s changing tonight though, because we’re in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League.  Fuck yeah, feels good to be awesome at another sport!

We’re playing some Mexican team Pachuca.  They’re good – I know because I actually do follow Liga MX here and there (its the best league by far to gamble on because the crowds and the Mexican announcers make the dopamine rush feel sooo good).  However, it still looks like free money taking us at +158.  Apparently we’re the best MLS team, and the Mexicans just lost their striker…

Hahaha suckeerrrrss!!  Also, I wonder if we’re gonna start any “build that wall!!” chants during our set pieces?  We’ll see I guess.