Beth Mowins and Jemele Hill Highlight Worst Week Ever for ESPN


I know the bar is pretty low here, but I think ESPN just hit a new nadir.  Easily the worst week since the Tebow days.  They started off on Monday night with the worst NFL broadcast of all time.  Not because they had Rex Ryan up in the booth to mail in more work, not because they had that drama queen Sergio Dipp doing his best dreamer impression, but because they had that serotonin-sapping hag Beth Mowins calling play-by-play.

She is the absolute worst.  It’s not because she’s a woman – I don’t mind Jessica Mendoza!  No, it’s because she’s a woman trying way too hard to sound like a man.  God her voice is so fucking horrible.  If you really want to push gender diversity into sports broadcasting, give us women that sound like actual females instead of this depression-inducing drag.

The sad thing is, she’s not even ugly!  Look at her, wasting such a pretty face through such an ugly voice.  Sad


Just as ESPN was trying to recover from their MNF disaster, Jemele Hill decided to rock the boat even harder and go out on a little tweet tantrum.  Political implications aside – anybody with a brain knows what’s wrong with the White House, and anybody without a brain is not changing tune over the term ‘white supremacist’ – this was bad news for ESPN.

It means they have to wait at least a few more months or so before they pull her godawful SportsCenter show.  I don’t know who had the idea to take two middling daytime personalities and turn them into SportsCenter anchors, but it was the worst idea ever.  No exaggeration, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to sit through more than a full single minute of SC6.

The sad thing is, I used to like Michael Smith.  I didn’t even hate Jemele Hill when she was breaking in either.  Once the two of them got together, it’s been some of the most cringe-worthy TV in sports.  They’re a classic case study of why sexual tension in the office is bad.

They should never have been promoted; they should’ve gotten canceled.  Now that Jemele played the race card, we gotta wait longer before getting fun ESPN back.  That’s too bad.

Beth Mowins and Jemele Hill Highlight Worst Week Ever for ESPN