Alabama Safety Serves Ice Cold Revenge to Jimbo Fisher; Other CFB Week 1 Nugs

So everyone knows by now the heartbreaking story of Deondre Francois shattering his kneecap against Alabama the other night.  It does truly suck.  A lot of people say that it’s Jimbo Fisher’s fault for having such a piss poor offensive gameplan leaving his star QB so vulnerable.  I did a little digging, and apparently this goes much deeper: that Alabama safety wanted to play for FSU.  Damn…  He grew up in Tallahassee, was good enough to start for Alabama, and got passed over by Jimbo Fisher?  That’s a recipe for ice cold revenge if I’ve ever seen one.

Butch Jones – Biggest Fraud in Football

Tennessee was a measly 3 point favorite over Georgia Tech in the biggest sharps vs squares trap we’ll see all season.  Most casual fans saw the talent and resources of Tennessee and thought them a no brainer to beat a bunch of engineering students who actually have to go to class.  Most gamblers saw the fact that Butch Jones was still employed and laughed their way to the bank.

I said this two years ago, and what followed was one of the worst coaching seasons of all time.  There was the chickenshit game management against Oklahoma, blatantly throwing the game against Florida, then blowing a two TD lead to 1-3 Arkansas.

Heading into last year, people had the audacity to pick them as the team to unseat Alabama.  That was retarded.  They opened the season having to catch every break in the world to survive App State at home.  Jones got another miracle against Georgia and then cried like a little baby.  He then spent the rest of October getting thrashed before ending the season with a loss to Vanderbilt.  Yes, Vanderbilt.

So last night they started the season getting gifted two missed field goals to survive against a school-first triple option team…  When are the Vols gonna fire this dude?  Maybe once he stops being able to sweep their rapes under the rug.


Alabama Safety Serves Ice Cold Revenge to Jimbo Fisher; Other CFB Week 1 Nugs