Is Life Worth Living If You’re a DC Sports Fan?

DC Sports

No, seriously, is it? This guy should’ve just jumped and got it done with. I mean Jesus Christ look at these teams…

Nats – might be the most talented team in sports history to never advance in the playoffs. Shit even before the Nats arrived, DC had the Orioles around to let Jeter and a 12 year old rip their hearts out.

Caps – even more talented than the nats and even more disappointing. Poor Ovie man, he really deserves better.

Wizards – just completed a grueling rebuild for a roster that will be nothing better than a one and done squad. Before that, the only notable story from this franchise was a locker room gunfight.

Redskins – the owner lol

Did anyone actually think the Nats were gonna win tonight? No way. Even when they were up 4-1, we all knew they were going to choke. That game 2 homer by Bryce? Just delayed the inevitable.

I would say DC’s become the new Philadelphia of sports, but at least Philly teams made it to title games and shit. Philly fans could also take pride(?) in being the scummiest fans on earth back in the day. They used to be cool as shit.

Not in DC though. Zero culture in the sports scene just like there’s zero culture in the city. It’s honestly better off being a Cleveland fan than being a DC fan.

In conclusion – yeah if I was from there I just might really consider offing myself.

Is Life Worth Living If You’re a DC Sports Fan?