Saints Getting Their Bounty Mojo Back


Lost in all the hoopla surrounding yesterday’s ass kicking was the play itself where Winston was injured…

Ahh yeah that’s the stuff.  That’s vintage saints bounty form.  Alex Okafor wants to stay in the league and he does so by taking out a rival QB like a boss.  Deion broke this down in the postgame show last night…  Okafor pinned Winston’s arm in so he couldn’t brace himself, and then drove his injured throwing shoulder into the ground.  Consider that AC joint busted!

It’s really nice seeing the Saints get back into form and contending again.  You can talk about deflategate or the bullshit around Zeke, but nobody got screwed more than the bountygate Saints.  Suspending a coach for an entire season because his defense played too hard was absolutely preposterous.  It’s right up there with the 02 Kings as the all time worst screw job in American history.

One of the greatest what-ifs in sports for me is Bill Parcells being just a year or two younger and filling in for Payton that year.  He was so close to doing it, and he absolutely would’ve crushed it.  In my opinion, he’s the best coach of all time just because of the unprecedented number of teams he succeeded with.  He went four for four in turning dog shit teams into nearly immediate contenders.  Think about that for a second… Even Belichik could only go one for two in his jobs.

It would have been amazing for Parcells step in for a year and get everyone else to finally see what I and New Yorkers know about him.  Five playoff teams on a resume would’ve been insane.  Shit, there’s a good chance he could’ve gotten a third Super Bowl as well.  He was that great of a coach and the Saints were that talented.  Would’ve been the fuck you imaginable to Goodell, but Parcells was just a little too old.  Oh well.

Saints Getting Their Bounty Mojo Back