Throwback Thursday to Philly Fans Losing Their Mortgate on SB39

It’s the Thursday before the Super Bowl, and Eagles fans are fucking pumped!  Will they finally win their first Super Bowl?  No, they won’t.  But we can still take some time to look back on a couple of memories from the scummiest fans our nation has to offer.

Here we have Michael Irvin getting a spinal cord injury because of the bush league concrete turf at veteran’s stadium.  Oh yeah also the fans cheering on his apparent paralysis and chanting ‘Deion sucks’ when his teammates were trying to pray…

You may hate the Patriots, but I guarantee you I hate the eagles ten times worse.  Every year when they are eliminated from playoff contention, I have my own personal holiday to celebrate.  I think about all the sick Philadelphians that might be lying in their death beds and shit, all realizing that they’re about to die without ever getting to see their beloved Eagles win a Super Bowl.  It makes me happy.  It’s what these scumbags deserve.

Another memory to throw back to – Eagles fans taking out second mortgages to go to Super Bowl 39.  Hahah.  What a bunch of dumb fucken losers.  I hope they all got foreclosed on during the recession.  Must’ve been real worth it to be there live to see Donovan McNabb blow chunks all over the field.  Lol, idiots