Warren Sapp Is a Traitor in the War on Football

SI just put out a wild piece on Warren Sapp yesterday that is definitely worth a read if you have a few minutes.  It must have been fun as shit for the writer to cover – full of strip clubs, blunts, and egregiously dumb quotes from Sapp.

Apparently, it’s now his life mission now to cure CTE with CBD, because of course.  Listen, I love pot and I hate CTE, which is why I find it disappointing that Warren Sapp is trying to make a name for himself in either sphere.  He was one of the greatest DTs of all time, but he’s always been a grade-A piece of shit human being.

If you’re unaware of the full details of his past, check out this video to understand the sheer irony of him trying to champion CTE awareness…


Mike Sherman’s comments after the game – “The joviality that existed after [the hit] when a guy’s lying on the ground, with numbness in his legs and fingers, I just thought that wasn’t appropriate for any NFL player.”

So the guy who nearly paralyzed someone on a dirty hit and then cursed out an opposing coach afterward is now going around playing the CTE victim card to champion his new pot company.  Must be hard to make sense of that, huh.

Speaking of $82M career earnings, remember when he hit a referee and got fined for it?  And then complained about that fine by calling Paul Tagliabue a slave master?  God, what a fucken idiot.  Throwback to one of my favorite cartoons ever…