Rangers Pound Some astros Coming out of All Star Break

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Texas hosted an ESPN showcase to open the 2nd half of MLB season Thursday night and gave a 5-0 pounding to the take it up the astros.

A lot of fans were upset that Jessica Mendoza closed out the night by bringing up Nelson Cruz in 2011 but I’m completely fine with it. There were no other sports games on that night and everyone was tuning in for updates on that stupid russ Westbrook trade, so needless to say we had way more eyeballs than any other Rangers game will get this year.  For once I didn’t mind Jessica Mendoza’s voice when she reminded America that our organization has more to be proud of than those trash ass pissants in Houston.

Yes, I’d rather have fallen one strike short (twice) of a dynasty than have the one ring houston got by disgracing the game.  This is a rock bottom rebuilding year for Texas, and instead of tanking our balls away and boasting 0.0 tv ratings, we’re actually competing and in wild card contention.  It’s also cool not being the most notorious cheaters in baseball history so that is nice.

Santana walked off to cap a four run comeback the next night, which was awesome.  We lost the next two to split the series overall but it didn’t matter; I had seen enough.  The JD era is less than halfway over and I’m feeling good about this ‘rebuild’ so far.

In terms of whether we should sell or hold our veteran trade assets at the deadline (Lance Lynn leading the AL in WAR fyi), I’m leaning torwards HOLD.

Rangers Pound Some astros Coming out of All Star Break