Tulane -5.5: Greatest Trick Play Ever Completes Greatest Cover Ever

Tulane Fake Kneel

Good teams win; great teams cover. Vegas cashed in big tonight as Tulane did both on ESPN. As all the non-college fans got their first taste of legendary Leach protege Gardner Minshew, degen nation watched Leach’s ugliest protege collapse on his ass in uptown New Orleans. Fuck you Dana. 

As is New Orleans tradition, the refs tried to fuck us over hard with this horse shit roughing the passer call:

(Flashback to Joe Kemp’s injury at Houston back in the day)

Between Saints scouting and Dallas sports radio superstardom, the Kemps are a good family for Dallas/NOLA sports so we can unite and say fuck Houston and fuck that call.  Also though, QBs are supposed to spike the ball if they hear a whistle…

It doesn’t matter because our defense locked down again and we got the ball at the perfect time to whip out this fake kneel down fake sweep reverse:

And then OK st transfer Jalen McCleskey caught a ball in field goal range, realized the Houston secondary had been living up to their head coach’s first name, and decided “Fuck the win I’m going for the cover.”

Chah ching! CHALK one up for the good guys and pour one out for the good man T Boone Pickens.  If only he had stuck around for one week longer he would’ve been proud as hell to see Mason Rudolph’s promotion and this kid’s legendary cover.  He’s smiling in heaven tonight though I’m sure.

Great win.  Greater cover.  Fuck all of those terrible gamblers out there that pounced on Houston.  UCF better start watching out!

Tulane -5.5: Greatest Trick Play Ever Completes Greatest Cover Ever