Cowboys Get off to a Disappointing 4-2 Start

favre head hit

The fact of the matter is Aaron Rodgers has owned us his entire career and I’m at peace with it.  Despite all of Brett Favre’s accolades and all of those John madden live action dick sucking sessions that America had to endure for so many Monday nights, there is one thing Favre could never do and that is win a game at Texas Stadium.  Rodgers came onto the scene in that OG Thursday night football game in 2007 to replace a broken Brett Favre and hasn’t looked back since.  His lone super bowl was in our stadium and he’s taken a seemingly spiritualistic pleasure in sticking it to Dallas his entire career.  And I’m cool with it.  Give me that in return for dominating Favre’s ass for 15 years any day.  Besides, what does wisconsin have to show for it, a whopping one super bowl each for both of those legendary quarterbacks.  ‘Whoop dee doo,’ says Troy from the booth.

We have the Jets next week so we’re still good for a nice 4-2 start to kick off the season.  The big test is the after that on SNF vs the Eagles where Dak’s gotta do what he’s done his whole career (outside the Zeke suspension year) and OWN that team.  Also their secondary is absolute trash so we’re in good position to be 5-2 with a playoff spot locked up and a couple months to try out new kickers and sort out any other issues with the team before playoffs.

Stay strong Dallas fans.  Part of being royalty means taking everyone’s best punch and we just took a couple good ones both at the dome and against one of the goats.  For what it’s worth, I have never and I mean never seen New Orleans as shook to its core as this and there is no reason for the spirit to die down at 4-2

PS Favre and Rodgers are boys now which is hilarious.  Imagine being one of those dudes and having to waste all of your god given talents in wisconsin – yikes

Cowboys Get off to a Disappointing 4-2 Start