Are the Stars Gonna Suck or Will They Skate the Cup?

seguin stretch

It looked like the Stars were going to suck this year starting 0-3 and one of our players almost died*.  We were down for most of tonight and the season was on the line apparently so I had to tune in for my first ten minutes of NHL hockey this season.  I saw enough to say that we most definitely do not suck and will in fact skate the Cup.

Our go-ahead goal in the third period was off an especially lazy turnover by Washington.  It was the type of play you’d almost never see in the playoffs but it’s October and you can only expect players to have so much focus this far away from the real games.

Which brings me to my main point – what is hockey doing starting so damn early in the fall?  I love hockey to death but no thank you to getting up for any of this when we’re only a couple weeks removed from the summer!  I’ll probably tune in to close third period games until our record comes back to normal and then tune out for the next couple of months.


Are the Stars Gonna Suck or Will They Skate the Cup?