The Disastros Dynasty Is Canceled

Texas Rangers v Houston Astros

First off on behalf of the baseball universe to philly’s own Bryce harper – here is a nice big fuck you and suck my dick*.  The Nats finally became cool to cheer for this year much like the Caps during the Ovi run.  Props to DC on winning a title for the ages.

I have attended 17 MLB stadiums (nbd) and the Nats are ranked #1 in doing things the right way.  The stadium is downtown, climate is good, fans are engaged, and there are chill bars all around the neighborhood.  Not a shitty strip like Wrigleyville but an actual neighborhood for people to disburse around and drink.  Most importantly – breweries.  Crowd control is on point for summer baseball/drinking.

On the flip side we have houston fans who were no joke trying to give away game 7 tickets today are you kidding me??  $337 to get in to a GAME 7 holy shit.  Just when I thought things couldn’t be more embarrassing.

In their defense it must’ve sucked hard for anyone there in person to witness their beloved disastros choke away a dynasty like that.  I’m sure it was very emotional for each of those literally 0.00 total fans going back to 2013.  All of that excessive tanking, cyber theft, sign stealing, and general corrosion to the integrity of the game for what?  Getting one strike further than the Rangers got and then being immortalized in one of the most embarrassing upsets in baseball history.

Thank god they got Osuna.  Thank fucking god those houston take it up the astros got Osuna.

Life is good Rangers fans!  It truly is the best.


*Robinson Chirinos too. Way to still suck you loser 😂

The Disastros Dynasty Is Canceled