Cowboys Rebound on Primetime and Clinch Division by Halloween

Maher and Dak

America’s Team was facing a season on the brink until the clock struck primetime and we blessed the nation with a complete and thorough ass kicking to lock up the NFC East by halftime.  That was so easy!  Who would’ve thought at this time two years ago that Dak would be the perennial MVP candidate and Wentz would be the one year wonder?  For some reason a lot of people thought the opposite at first, but Sunday night showed the stark difference between having a god at quarterback vs having a quarterback that worships god.

Everything about this performance in every aspect of the game was perfect.  It was clear that we were hiding packages last week, but Kellen and Kris got free rein for this matchup and are back to being our new Payton/Zimmer duo.  The players themselves were also perfect, but the single greatest moment was our future Hall of Fame kicker making history:

That’s a 73mph cannon shot dead center through the uprights with room to spare, just like his 60 yarders were the past two weeks.  He is now the greatest of all time at kicking from 60+.  Maher was our biggest liability coming out of camp and he’s had some bad misses on short attempts this year, but this has to be the type of history making confidence boost that propels him to true stardom.  If we had brought him out for the last play at the dome (68 yards), we would’ve beaten the Saints 13-12 and would pretty much have a bye locked up by now.  Unfortunately we didn’t, but we’ll make up for it in the playoffs by going back there to be the team that ends Drew Brees’s career.

On the flip side, Philly is in an absolute tailspin with a broken quarterback that everyone hates, and their Super Bowl is looking more and more like a forgettable fluke with each passing week.  In fact, before long the haters will be roping this win into the same group as those ‘empty wins’ from our first three weeks.  That’s okay.  We have a bye week and then the Giants (primetime MNF) to give us a rest over the next couple of weeks, and then a string of six straight games against winning teams to get some strong game reps and build up for the playoffs while not having to worry about any teams behind us in the division.

Cowboys Rebound on Primetime and Clinch Division by Halloween