Arch Manning and Lane Kiffin Will Save the State of Mississippi

For those of you that think Trevor Lawrence is the future of the NFL, I present to you the freshman season highlights of Arch Manning (son of Cooper).

He’s draft eligible in six years, which means the 2025 NFL season will be the most important tankathon in sports history. Owners need to take note and have their GMs manage rosters accordingly.


In the meantime, we can start thinking about Ole Miss because he’s basically a lock to go there. Lane Kiffin has three years to recruit and develop a supporting cast worthy of riding Arch’s back. I think he’ll get the job done.

People like to rag on Lane, but he has the longest resume of any 45 year old coach ever and it’s not that bad of one. He always tried to bite off more than he could chew, eventually admitting himself into Saban rehab. It seems he emerged as a better and humble man because he did some pretty cool shit at FAU. He’s a proven genius on the offensive side, and he surely knows some defense too given that his father revolutionized the game.


It’s safe to say Mississippians are staring down some glory years, and good for them honestly. Mississippi is the forgotten Deep South state in college football. They’ve flashed with the occasional Bama upset and the Dak years, but they’ve never had legit prestige. That’s all about to change in the 2020s.

It’s also good for Mississippi because they’re very poor and need money. You can look at the Crimson Tide as a case study for a college powerhouse transforming a state. Kids of the coastal elite who want to experience the south use football as a barometer for their college decisions, and that brings out-of-state tuition and commerce into the region.


The Mannings have done so much to change football already, and their greatest legend might be just getting started. They are America’s new royal family much like the Kennedys used to be. Fortunately, we’ve progressed to a time where the Mannings won’t have to fear for their lives at Cowboys road games.