New Baseball Tradition Proposal – Disastros Day

The single worst consequence of Covid-season is the reprieve that the lying, cheating disastros get for their shame tour. Back in March, we were all hyped up to follow these scumbags across the country and boo their existence in every single road game. In this new reality, the best we can do is yell into an app that’s piped into the stadium speaker. It’s kind of funny and I’m definitely participating, but it’s not a close replacement at all.

It seems unfair that the perpetrators of the worst cheating scandal in sports history would luck out of their shame tour, but we as fans can still change that. This is why I propose a new baseball tradition across the country – Disastros Day.

Each team that hosts houston in a given season will have their own special Disastros Day celebration. In their first game of hosting that scumbag franchise, fans will sell out the stadium and boo the ever-loving shit out of them. The tradition will continue in perpetuity or until the astros win their first clean World Series, whichever comes first.

I see no reason why the MLB front office shouldn’t take it upon themselves to sanction and promote these events. They can think of all the money they’ll make and the deliberation ends right there. Back in spring training, the league was staring down a historic windfall from astros hate. By sanctioning the annual Disastros Days, they can make that money faucet pour forever (or until houston wins a clean World Series, whichever comes first).

While there will be many Disastros Day celebrations per year, there has to be one ‘official’ date for a nationally televised special. I’m okay with this being the first date the Dodgers host houston if the interleague schedule lines up that way. Otherwise, it should be the first date houston travels to (real) Texas. Sorry Yankees, y’all were gonna lose to LA anyways. Leave the honors to the original haters – the arch-rivals that drove houston to cheat in the first place.

Jesus fucking christ we were so good against these losers before they started cheating

New Baseball Tradition Proposal – Disastros Day